Extremely limited release of Privateways 7″

Privateways400xNow available! Reissue of the Privateways-She said 7″

Featuring Ex-Cockscratch members and starting in 1996, Privateways’ first single was originally released to only 500 copies in 1997 on Razz Records. This incredible punk/powerpop record sold out quickly and became one of the rarest Japanese punk releases of the decade.

The band went on to release 2 more singles on Mangrove Records and a couple comps before calling it a day, and being regarded as legendary in the Japanese punk scene.

This is the 20th anniversary version with new a mastering from Azumi Omori (Raydios, Young Ones),  different sleeve art, and liner notes from Joe Zero (Victim) and Colin Fletcher (Stage B)

Already almost sold out in japan and ONLY 50 COPIES AVAILABLE domestically!

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